By Scott Jensen

iPhone Blueprints

Fundamentals of
User Interface Design

Explore the principles behind creating an effective user interface. Available now on the iBooks Store for Download to your iPad.

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Also available as an ePub for iPhone and iPod touch.

An All-Encompassing Look at UI Design

From creating icons to providing user support, iPhone Blueprints covers the start to finish of user interface design. The chapters are rich with examples and resources that demonstrate overarching principles of creating effective interfaces.

The contents of the iBook include:

  1. Introduction - The Importance of UI Design
  2. Presentation - Design is Not an Afterthought
  3. Traditional & Experimental UI - When to Break the Rules
  4. The Use Case - Understanding Your Users
  5. Navigation - Getting from A to B and/or C
  6. UI Minimalism - Creating an Intuitive Experience
  7. Distress Calls - Help Screens & Other Hand Holding Techniques
  8. Moving Forward - Making Revisions and Updates
  9. Conclusion - Saying Thank You and Goodbye

Included in the book are in-depth case studies that use real apps to illustrate the concepts discussed in each chapter. Whether you are new to UI design or have been a professional for years, this book offers lessons and concepts that can benefit your users and designs.

About the Author

Scott Jensen has worked in UI/UX design for over a decade. He studied and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications from Weber State University. He has created the designs behind many iOS apps, including Track 8 and EventBoard. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Carina.